Multi Sensory Edible Fireworks

Multi Sensory Edible Fireworks


Fireworks with  strawberry and peach flavored mist

Fireworks with strawberry and peach flavored mist

Edible Fireworks

UK-based food designers Bompas and Parr partnered Vodafone to create a fireworks display that can actually be eaten.

Dubbed as the “world’s first multi-sensory firework display”, it was fired on New Year’s eve over the Thames River, releasing “peach snow, banana confetti, strawberry some and giant ‘zesty orange’ bubbles” when the fireworks exploded in the sky.

Sam Bompas, one of the designers, said “We realized nothing of that sort had been attempted before and that it would be a genuine world first.”

“We’re going to actually let people taste the fireworks,” he added. “And they’re fruity. You will see red in the sky, and you’ll smell strawberry.”